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Shishir Mehrotra's Home

Shishir Mehrotra’s Home

Welcome to my new home page! I’ve always wanted a center for everything from musings to favorite links. I’ll be adding more to this over time. If you want to keep updated, sign up for my newsletter at .
A bit about me: I’m founder/CEO of
, a new all-in-one doc, and previously spent a generation at Google (mostly on YouTube), and Microsoft (mostly on Office and Windows). I grew up in Virginia, went to MIT for college, where I met my wife Anjuli. We have two wonderful daughters (14 and 17). Fun fact: I coach my daughters’ which has qualified for World Championships in 4 of the last 7 years!
I write regularly about a wide set of topics, and you can see my published docs on the . If you’re looking for a starting point, consider:
My current fascination obsession is with learning about . I was drawn to this topic after a chat with Bing Gordon, a friend and mentor, and have now interviewed over 1,000 leaders and companies about their rituals. I’m working on publishing this as a book in 2024. To read and contribute to early drafts, sign up

Latest Highlight: Presenting at Figma Config 2023 with Yuhki Yamashita

I gave a really fun talk with Yuhki Yamashita (Figma CPO) at on Rituals of Modern Product Teams. Yuhki’s been very involved in the rituals research. He’s contributed a number of rituals to the book, and has been an active editor on the early drafts as well.
Though I’ve given many talks on rituals, doing this as a joint presentation was a new and fun experience. Over the last couple months, we’ve spent many hours together brainstorming, writing, designing, etc and I’m quite proud of the resulting talk.
The way we created the talk turned out to be quite fun as well. Yuhki’s skills in Figma are (no surprise) pretty insane, and I think Yuhki got a sense for my unique process for writing talks in Coda. Here’s that includes the full presentation slides, script, as well as all the rituals we discussed. Read more for a behind-the-scenes look at how this talk came together:


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